All Day You May Fruit Roll-Ups

One of the most delicious treats you can enjoy during the day is fruit roll-ups. Not only do they taste amazing, they are super easy to make. Now imagine All Day You May Fruit Roll-Ups! Think of the flavors you can use, plus you’re getting a full serving of the most leucine-heavy, complete amino acid formula on the market. You already know All Day You May goes far beyond the competition - now you can enjoy this legendary formula as tasty fruit roll-ups!

What 5% Nutrition Supplements Go Well With This Recipe? 

Since this is basically a serving of All Day You May, you can enjoy these anytime and with any 5% Nutrition supplement. All Day You May helps keep you in an anabolic state during the day, while you train, and after you train. Therefore, enjoy a few of these in the morning when you wake up, before your workout, and as part of your post-workout program. 

If fat loss is your goal, snack on these throughout the day. Of course, you’ll need to check out our Weight Loss category for the supplements best suited to your program. 

What if you’re chasing size? It’s no surprise 5% has some of the most powerful muscle builders on the market. We suggest Turkesterone 1200 to get things started. From there, might we suggest the incredible Maui Twist flavor of Kill It Reloaded and Full As F*ck? No doubt you’ll need to stay hydrated, so derail dehydration and improve performance with Hydrate Stk electrolytes. Finally, check out our Muscle Builders collection to personalize your 5% supplement suggestions. In the meantime, enjoy our sensational All Day You May Fruit Roll-Ups!

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