5% Nutrition was founded in 2014 by legendary bodybuilder Rich Piana. Our namesake conveys the same mentality Rich espoused: the willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals. Thus, Rich believed that only 5% of all people were willing to sacrifice what it took to succeed at the next level.

It doesn't matter if your passions lay outside the weight room, as he firmly believed anyone could adopt the necessary mindset and discipline. And thus, the 5%ER and 5% MENTALITY was born!


Rich Piana and 5% Nutrition, two names that have become synonymous in the sports nutrition world for hardcore performance. In the words of Rich, the "5% represents those of us [who] are willing to give whatever it takes to reach their goals."

Rich has been an inspiration to untold millions throughout his career both as a bodybuilder and later as a motivational figure. The allure of his message simple yet powerful: he was going to give anything and everything he had to reach his goals. Along the way, he was going to give adoring fans a front-row seat to the main event, his daily life, and in the process, amassed a huge YouTube and Instagram following.

Followers of Rich soon became accustomed to frequent motivational messages, mantras, workout techniques, nutrition, and meal preparation, plus a bevy of social commentary. The most recognizable aspect of his lifestyle, living the "5%'ER mentality" became the foundation of this company, 5% Nutrition.


We exist as more than a supplement or apparel company; we've become a lifestyle representative worldwide of people who represent the brand and live the 5% lifestyle daily.

Today, we maintain a broad range of premium quality products in most categories of the sports nutrition spectrum, from pre-workouts to support products and everything in between.

Product Family
5% Core Product Family


We live the ingredients, the flavoring, and packaging. The team is constantly assessing and reassessing the quality of our products and the flavor of each lot. Rest assured that all of our dietary supplements are manufacturing according to Good Manufacturing Practices or cGMP.

We've continued to pioneer new supplements with innovative formulas while staying true to the vision of creating efficaciously dosed formulas with high performance and great taste.


Since its inception in 2014, 5% Nutrition has extended the reach of the brand from selling apparel to selling supplements around the world. Our dedicated staff works daily to ensure customer satisfaction with our company and strive to exceed your expectations whenever and wherever possible.


We have carefully honed our standard operating procedures to ensure the consistent delivery of safe, high-quality supplements to our customers. We only work with manufacturers operating under strict cGMP, or Certified for Good Manufacturing Practices. Adherence to GMP, combined with our own stringent standards for quality assurance, helps us to deliver a superior product to you, our end consumer.


We frequently engage with our customers and loyal 5%ers, attending national and international bodybuilding shows and expos throughout the year. Come see us, our products, and the athlete team behind your favorite brand, 5% Nutrition.

5% Logo
5% Logo
5% Logo


Since the founding of 5% Nutrition, Rich Piana has had the support of a loyal social media following, plus an entire office team. He knew what he did not know and wisely partnered with experts in the field of sports nutrition and bodybuilding supplements, hiring industry experts, tapping consultants for their honest product feedback.

Much of the team Rich had handpicked to run his sports nutrition and apparel empire are still working under the 5% Nutrition banner. Rather than quit when we lost our leader, we took a page right from the book of Rich Piana, pushing through the pain of his loss in August 2017 to persevere and get reorganized around a future without our living legend. We work each day to develop new products and expand the existing product lineup, all while staying true to the vision of the future Rich established when he founded the company.

You are the 5% Nation which define the 5% Family we know, love and respect.

Together, we are the 5% Nation.

Rich Piana