Bodybuilding Myths That Just Won’t Go Away


While there are many more myths out there, here are 4 Bodybuilding Myths That Just Won’t Go Away. These myths seemingly never die, leading to a lot of misinformation. If a myth misinforms yet is accepted as truth, it will slow your progress, sometimes dramatically. In this article, we will debunk these 4 myths so you can hit the gym with the correct knowledge. Let’s do it!

1. Creatine Is A Steroid

This has been a myth for as long as creatine has been on the market. What people who believe this conveniently overlook is the fact that creatine occurs naturally in the body, and it’s commonly found in such foods as chicken and fish. If you stop and think about it, would you really believe creatine is a steroid, and commonly sold on retail supplement and mass discounter store shelves, and online? Of course not!

2. Carbs Are Evil

Carbohydrates almost always get blamed for causing excessive body fat gains. Back in the 90s, it was dietary fat. Then it became carbohydrates. The truth is that eating excess sugary, processed-carb foods and high-fat foods leads to gains in body fat, especially when combined with low activity. But we’re describing the typical lifestyle of the typical mainstream individual. True 5%ers know this and avoid eating this way.

Still, for those mainstreamers who want to get leaner, the first step is to choose to get in shape. Once you’ve done that, your activity increases, and your nutrition gets cleaned up. That’s when you understand that the role of clean, quality carbohydrates is to supply energy to the body. You realize how important they are in the hours around your workouts, and you also understand that excess carbs over and above your energy needs lead to fat storage. Therefore, you make the right real food choices and use a quality carb powder based on those foods, such as 5% Nutrition Real Carbs or Real Carbs Rice

3. You Can Change Fat To Muscle

Fat and muscle are two different types of tissue. One cannot change into the other one. Fat consists of triglycerides, which is a combination of glycerol and three fatty acids. Muscle, on the other hand, consists of muscle tissue, which is blocks of protein, plus glycogen, some intramuscular fat, and water. Put simply, fat lacks the components to convert into muscle.(1,2)

Where did this myth come from? If you change your diet and become more active by lifting weights, you will begin to lose fat and gain muscle. This can create the illusion that you’re changing fat into muscle. The truth is as noted, you’re gaining one and losing the other.

4. You Don’t Need Pre-Workout Supplements - Just Drink Coffee

While coffee is no doubt great for energy (and tastes delicious!), it’s not the same thing as a pre-workout. Take a look at any 5% Nutrition pre-workout, and you will see not only caffeine but also specific focus enhancers, ingredients that improve endurance, and ingredients that promote the pump. Plus, some of our pre-workouts contain creatine, the most proven natural supplement on the market. Finally, we offer different caffeine levels to better fit lifters' personal preferences.

For example,  Kill It Reloaded, features nitric oxide-producing ingredients, cell volumizers, nootropics, electrolytes, and 325 mg of both fast-acting and delayed-release caffeine. Take a look at Kill It RTD, and you’ll see it’s higher caffeine (400 mg instant and delayed release) but also features a mammoth 10-gram dose of glycerin (glycerol) for hyper-hydration, huge water-based pumps, and extended endurance. Improved endurance means you can work out harder and longer. It should be clear that a generously dosed, open-label pre-workout does much more than merely give you energy, it’s the difference between a good training session and a great one. 


So there you have it. Use this info to better prepare for your workouts and to get the most out of your training. The best way to avoid myths like these is to make sure the information you hear or read can be backed up by research. Don’t just take someone’s word for it. That’s why 5% Nutrition always presents information that is research-backed. You can count on us!


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