5% Nutrition All Day You May Stick Packs - Lose The Scoop!


If you’re a 5%ER, you probably have a container of the legendary All Day You May right in your cabinet. Most likely, you recently had a couple of scoops to start your day. Did you check out that label? It looks pretty cool, right? Well, you can put that scoop away and put your container back. You might not see it for a while. Not when you use new All Day You May Stick Packs! You can lose the scoop; all you need is a shaker full of water. What could be more convenient? Take a couple of Stick Packs with you, and you’ve got All Day You May anytime you need it!

The All Day You May Game-Changing Formula

All Day You May Stick Packs feature the classic amino formula that completely changed the game. Before Rich got a hold of the category, all you could find were BCAA formulas. There wasn’t anything else. Of course, BCAAs are critical to your muscle building success because they directly stimulate protein synthesis. Yet, Rich knew an amino formula could be far more effective. When we added BCAAs, the first thing we did was use a powerful 10:1:1 ratio. We didn’t want the typical 2:1:1 ratio. With our advanced ratio, there’s more leucine available for protein synthesis. When it comes to muscle, leucine is the most potent amino acid of all. 

That’s only the start; there’s more to the formula. 

BCAAs are Essential Amino Acids (EAAs). You need all the EAAs for optimal benefits. 5% Nutrition realized that, which is why All Day You May includes all 9 of them. Yet, we went farther by also including Conditionally Essential Amino Acids. These are the aminos your body can’t produce under stressful conditions. The physical stress of your intense workouts definitely counts!

Of course, All Day You May doesn’t stop there. With an Amino Acid Support Blend, an Inter-Cellular Buffer Blend and a Joint & Liver Support Blend, this formula stands alone.
There is absolutely no other amino formula that comes close.

The Convenience Of All Day You May Stick Packs

No doubt you’ve been in a hurry and maybe didn’t have time to set up a few servings of All Day You May to take with you. Maybe you tried and spilled the powder all over trying to handle the scoop in a hurry. What a mess! Sure, it happens to all of us, but those days are over. All you have to do is toss a couple of All Day You May Stick Packs in your 5% Gym Bag. Don’t forget your 5% Vacuum Insulated Ice Shaker Cup! Now you’re all set for the day. 

All Day You May Stick Packs couldn’t be more convenient. You can use one anytime you need aminos. Do you leave work or school and go straight to the gym? Mix a Stick Pack with your pre-workout. Better yet, mix up a Stick Pack with water and drink it while you train. Got access to a freezer? Follow Rich’s trick and freeze up a couple of servings about half an hour before you hit the gym. 

All Day You May Stick Packs Taste Delicious!

Have you tried All Day You May? Then you know how amazing it tastes. If you haven’t tried it, now’s the time! Why not grab a couple of cases of All Day You May Stick Packs - get a couple of your favorite flavors and you’ll have them on hand. While you’re making your choices, try Italian Lemon Ice - talk about delicious! 


You know how important a potent amino formula is to your results. Of course, no one has touched our iconic formula.  Now you have the best on the go amino formula on the market - All Day You May Stick Packs! Lose the scoop!

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