The Legend, Rich Piana

Legendary bodybuilder, Rich Piana, a man who was relentless in his dedication to the sport and community of bodybuilding, died August 25, 2017. He was 46 years old.


Known for his willingness to do whatever it takes (#WhateverItTakes), Rich Piana began his journey in bodybuilding at just 11 years old, competing in his first amateur event at only 15 years old.




Since 2008, Rich was instrumental in creating a social media following and sense of community with well over 1 million followers engaging with his provocative, honest, motivational content, primarily through his Instagram and YouTube accounts. His (sometimes brutal) honesty and openness held immediate appeal for those looking for a no-nonsense, no bullshit idol and someone you could count on to call it like it was. Even without Rich, the team at 5% Nutrition continues to embody his spirit and approach, trying to keep his message alive and appreciated by the original, die-hard fans while demonstrating to newcomers what it takes to be 5% in the way Rich would have approved.


Of the many slogans and sayings, Rich made a few of them quite famous and recognizable, including some of his most well-liked statements and mantras:


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“If you Love It, KILL IT”

“Being a 5%ER is all about doing Whatever It Takes!”


"Gooooooooooood Fuckin' Morning"

"It's Shake Time, godammit!"

"The mentality of a person is far more important that their outer shell."

"Stop making excuses."

"Use your fucking brain."

"Welcome to my world, now get the fuck out."


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If you take nothing else away from Rich Piana or his legacy, remember this: Rich fostered a culture of hardworking individuals with a mindset to take on whatever is necessary to achieve success, as evidenced by the community and company he helped to establish. At the very least, his dedication to reaching his own goals was second to none and appreciated by all. 


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