EP 5: Chest Destruction - 5% Nutrition

EP 5: Chest Destruction

5%ER Illia Golem just can't catch a break! To be able to build your chest. You need to use your arms, and if I'm not mistaken, in the last ...

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EP 4: Insane Arm Workout - 5% Nutrition

EP 4: Insane Arm Workout

Ok 5%ERS, we are on day 4 and you can see the pain on his face. I'm not sure he fully recovered from shoulders but hell, can't stop now! 5%...

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EP 3: Back Attack

That's exactly what this is! A full on assault on the back muscles. If you need to get your back bigger (which will make your waist look sm...

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EP 2: Shredded Hamstrings - 5% Nutrition

EP 2: Shredded Hamstrings

No, this is not a cooking episode. This is an episode dedicated to the hamstring muscle group. Pulled, twisted, torn and shredded to bits f...

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EP 1: Boulder Shoulders - 5% Nutrition

EP 1: Boulder Shoulders

There is no better way to start this series off than to hit a heavy shoulder workout. Not that Illia needs bigger shoulders but it's pretty...

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